Statue of Saint Dominic in the Church of Santa Sabina in Rome

Today's Quote:

Q. If a person lived a decent, noble and moral life as judged by Catholic Faith beliefs and standards, yet was not a Christian or a Catholic and may, for the sake of discussion, be a non-believer, would this person be denied Heaven? A. To gain eternal salvation, it is not always required that a person be incorporated in fact as a member of the Church, but it is required that he belong to it at least in desire and longing [in voto]. It is not always necessary that this desire be explicit as it is with catechumens. When a man is invincibly ignorant, God also accepts an implicit desire, so called because it is contained in the good disposition of soul by which a man wants his will to be conformed to God's will.

      --Letter of the Holy Office to the Archbishop of Boston, August 8, 1949