Statue of Saint Dominic in the Church of Santa Sabina in Rome

Today's Quote:

One who entered the parish church at Wittemberg after Luther's victory discovered that the same vestments were used for divine service as of yore, and heard the same old Latin hymns. The Host was elevated and exhibited at the Consecration. In the eyes of the people, it was the same Mass as before, despite the fact that Luther omitted all the prayers which represented the sacred function of the Sacrifice. The people were intentionally kept in the dark on this point. "We cannot draw the common people away from the Sacrament, and it will probably be thus until the Gospel is well understood," said Luther. The rite of celebration of the Mass, he explained, is a "purely external thing," and said further that "the damnable words referring to the Sacrifice could be omitted all the more readily, since the ordinary Christian would not notice the omission and hence there was no danger of scandal."

      - Hartmann Grisar, S.J.